Operational Excellence

RBS Hospitality’s formula is based on the simple premise of, happy/content, productive associates who are empowered and accept ownership in their duties, will please our guests and ensure there repeat business, so that the Hotel can be profitable and provide ownership a higher than expected return on their investment.  

This is accomplished by educating and training associates, creating a transparent organization so that the lines of communication are open and everyone understands what they are being held accountable for.

Our operational team will have the tools available to monitor hotels performance on a daily/weekly/monthly basis and direct the on site management team in the following areas:

  • Daily Revenues
  • Daily Payroll Control
  • Daily Cash and Credit Card Deposits
  • Daily AR Aging
  • Daily AP Aging
  • Daily Operating Cash Control
  • Daily Revenue Adjustments
  • Weekly Revenue Management Calls
  • Weekly Market Performance
  • Weekly Room PM Program
  • Weekly Forecasting
  • 90 Day Forecasting
  • Monthly Owners Reports
  • Monthly Inventories